Tick Control

Get Rid of Ticks

Ticks are pesky bugs that can latch on to hair, clothes, or skin. If a family member, friend, or a pet has entered your home after walking through tall grass, it’s possible that a tick (or a few) could’ve made their way into your home. Although most species of ticks can’t survive indoors, there are a select few (like the brown dog tick) that can make your home their home. In fact, brown dog ticks can reproduce in your home and take over. 

If you see a tick or two in your home, you should be very cautious. As previously stated, some ticks can’t survive indoors, whereas others can thrive. Chances are you aren’t an expert at studying and identifying the different species of ticks. That’s where we come in. We can identify and properly treat any tick infestation you have. Contact us today.

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