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Rodent Control & Exclusion

Discover the Importance of Rodent Control and How We Can Protect Your Home from Unwanted Rodent Intrusions

Why Rodent Control Matters?

Rodents are more than just an annoyance. They can chew through wires, damage insulation, and contaminate your living spaces. Moreover, they pose health risks to your family by spreading diseases through their droppings and urine. A comprehensive rodent inspection is your first line of defense to ensure your home remains safe, clean, and free from these invaders.

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Do I Have A Rodent Problem?

Rodents are notorious for their ability to infiltrate homes unnoticed. However, there are telltale signs that may indicate a rodent issue. If you’ve heard unexplained scratching in the walls, discovered gnawed items, or found rodent droppings in your living spaces, it’s time to consider a professional rodent inspection. Don’t wait until the problem escalates—our expert team can identify the source of the issue and provide effective solutions to protect your home and family.

How We Treat Rodent Infestations


Rodent Inspection

Our Pest Control Experts will carefully examine the interior and exterior of the home looking specifically for evidence of rodent activity.


Rodent Treatment

Based on the technician’s findings, we will provide treatment options that best fit your situation.


Rodent Exclusion

Once the rodent issue is under control, we can recommend exclusion options to keep them from re-entering the home. This may include sealing of entry points that are obvious highways of activity.

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