Termite Inspections

Discover The Importance Of Termite Control And How We Protect Your Home From Unwanted Termite Intrusions

Why Termite Inspections Matter

Termites are a significant problem as they can cause damage to homes and buildings, and more importantly, they can eat their way through wood and damage the base structures of furniture. Regular inspections can help catch the problem in its early stages before excessive damage is caused.

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Do You Have A Termite Problem?

Termites can be very sneaky and spread into the deepest places in buildings and homes very fast. By the time you find out, it might be too late. However, there are five telltale signs that you should always be on the lookout for: stuck windows or doors, damage under the paint, mud tubes, discarded wings, and termite droppings. If you come across any of these, do not waste any more time and contact our expert team to identify the source of the issue and provide practical solutions to protect your property.

Why Do You Need A Termite Inspection?

Termites are a significant threat to buildings and wooden structures. An inspection can prevent their more extensive spread and the need for the use of more hazardous chemicals later on. Besides, random inspections can help ensure your peace of mind, increase the property value, and also contribute to cost savings. We can eradicate termites from any area of a property, making sure they are all gone and will not return. We proudly provide our exterminator services to patrons throughout the greater Hamden, CT area and beyond. 

How We Treat Termite Infestations


Termite Inspection

Our Pest Control Experts analyze the severity of the issue and determine their potential entry points.


Termite Treatment

Based on our findings, we provide a personalized plan for termite removal, utilizing effective and environmentally friendly methods.


Termite Prevention

We don’t stop at removal; we ensure termites cannot re-enter your property by sealing off potential entry points. We also remove any factors that may be encouraging the spread of termites.

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