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Pest Control Tips For Your Outdoor Space

Outlining The Best Pest & Insect Control Plan For Your Property

Outdoor entertaining season is about to kick off with family & friends gathering in the fresh air for a barbeque or pool party. These activities always create lasting memories, but you would hate for the only memory to be of the bugs & insects swarming and pestering your guests. Proper maintenance needs to be done before the outdoor party season officially begins—and that typically starts with preventative measures to keep those pesky bugs away from your gathering areas. 
Here are some simple yet effective tips for pest and insect control for your outdoor space this upcoming season:

Preventative Insect Control Spray 

To prevent any pests from bothering you in the future, you need to eliminate their nests and colonies before they have a chance to reproduce in the early spring. This means using an insect control spray throughout your outdoor space right as the warmer weather begins to creep into your daily routine. 

Curative Spray During The Season

If you miss the preventative spray in the early spring season, do not fret you still have a chance for an effective pest-controlled area. Curative sprays are designed for use once your outdoor area has already become infected. These pesticides are typically more potent, but there are always eco-friendly options to choose from. Using this approach will rid your yard of any pests for some time—this is a good strategy if you are working on a shorter time frame for your outdoor party. 

Times For Your Pest Control Matter

Times of day for your pest & insect control matter. You do not want to actively spray for bees when they are active & working—that would not turn out well for you. The same goes for mosquitoes, you want to tackle them in the early morning hours, spraying in the dark and humid areas where they like to rest. 

Understand What You Are Trying To Control 

Not every bug and insect are the same and that goes for their pest control options as well. While spraying may work for mosquitoes, it would not do so well with ants who are social insects and can warn others of a sprayed area. By using ant non-repellent baits, it will allow them to share the poison with other ants within their colony eliminating the root of the issue. 

Pest Control Services For Wallingford, Cheshire & Durham, CT 

With the outdoor party season heading into full swing, it is wise to begin the pest control process if you haven’t already. In today’s hectic world, it can be easier to let a certified professional handle the not-so-pleasant tasks like preventative insect control measures. Let the team at Family Pest Control of Connecticut handle any extermination services you need for your backyard. Since 1977, our family-run business has been a staple in the Wallingford, CT community for superior pest control services and a commitment to our customers. We have the experience & knowledge of the Connecticut area to diagnose and treat any pests on your property. We can work with you on preventative measures to ensure the problem does not continue to arise. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our extermination services. 

Family Pest Control

Family Pest Control

March 7, 2024