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The chemicals that will be used in your home are mixed in such a way that they are only toxic to pests – most are nearly all water, with just a small amount of active ingredients.

Occasionally, we’ll require that you remove your pets from the area until the application has fully dried. Once it’s dried, there should not be enough active ingredients remaining to harm your pets.

Typically, the treatment that will be used in your home has little or no odor and no fumes. Occasionally, you may be asked to leave prior to treatment – but you’ll be informed of this beforehand.

The odor in pesticides never eliminates pests – it only repels them. It’s the chemical residue that eliminates pests. Most new research shows that by using pesticides without repellents, you actually increase the chances that pests will come in contact with the residue.

– Discolored or drooping drywall
– Peeling paint that can look like water damage
– Hollow sounding wood
– Small, pinpoint holes in you home’s drywall
– Squeaky floorboards
– Crumbling or damaged wood