Inspect for Peace of Mind

Are you selling or buying a home and need an official inspection report to complete the sale? Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. has been doing Wood Destroying Insect inspections for over 40 years. We will perform a complete and thorough inspection of the home you’re selling or buying, complete an official NMPA-33 form, and present it to you at the time of your appointment.

During the inspection, we will check the interior and exterior portions of your property that are close to or in contact with the ground. We’ll probe attached wood trim, posts, garage door frames, lower-level window frames, deck posts, and other areas. The interior inspection is typically done in the basement and crawl space of a home.

Schedule Your Inspection

If we find an active infestation in your home, we will provide our exterminating services to take care of the situation right away. That’s the advantage you can reap by calling Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc.

Call today to schedule your Wood Destroying Insect inspection in Cheshire, Hamden, or Wallingford, CT.

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