Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Identification

Carpenter ants are similar to common ants. They have a black hue and are a bit bigger, as they can grow up to a half inch long. Some carpenter ants have a reddish-brown appearance instead of black. Considering appearances, these two types of ants seem to be almost exactly the same. 

The main difference between carpenter and common ants is that the former often lives inside. Their name comes from their ability to burrow into wood, which is often where they reside inside of properties. Using sharp mandibles, they can gnaw their way through moist wood and thrive off of available food and water supplies.

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Because carpenter ants often live indoors, there are some ways to spot out their galleries. Wood fragments, sawdust, and splitters can indicate their location, especially if there are visibly dead ants in the same area. Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. understands that treating pests all relies on proper identification, so leave it to our team to ensure that the right pest is targeted.

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