Ant Identification

While it may not seem important to understand what type of ant you’re dealing with, proper identification actually will allow us to use a treatment that will be most effective in eliminating the pests on your property. Common ants are black or brown and are small. On average, they are about .2 inches long. 

Common ants, unlike other varieties, do not colonize indoors. They are most comfortable in soil, so they build mounds outside of properties and transport food from indoors to their outdoor colonies. Once they have exhausted all available food sources, they will return to their mounds and begin the process all over again.

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Because common ants don’t live inside, they are less of a nuisance than carpenter ants. Of course, any ants on your property are cause for concern. Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. can identify the pests on your property and locate the source.

From there, we’ll take a direct approach to clearing up pests from your property. Call us today to get started!

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