Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket Identification

Yellow jackets have a very similar appearance to hornets. However, there are some differences. Yellow jackets are quite small, as they only grow to be around half an inch in length. They are identified by their coloring, which shows distinct, alternating yellow and black stripes. They, like bees, are pollinators and have benefits to the environment. 

These insects are aggressive in defending their colonies, but they do not always choose to sting. However, when they do, the sting is painful, and yellow jackets can sting repeatedly because they have a lance with small barbs. These stings can produce severe allergic reactions.

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Because yellow jackets have a painful, potentially dangerous sting, it’s best to avoid their nests and leave their removal to Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. We don’t want to see you or anyone else harmed. As pest control experts, we have the right equipment and gear to safely remove these pests. Call today to get started.

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