Termite COntrol

Offering Termite Control throughout Wallingford, North Haven, Cheshire, Durham and Middlefield, CT

Termites are called silent destroyers for a reason; they can cause structural property damage as they feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings, and wooden furniture. If you find signs of termite damage in your home or business property, such as subterranean tunnels, sagging floors, hollow wood, or blowholes in trees, don’t wait to call Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. We proudly service customers in Wallingford, North Haven, Cheshire, Durham and Middlefield, CT. We can effectively exterminate the two types of termites (listed below), no matter where they’ve built their colonies or how many of them are in your home. 

• Subterranean Termite Treatments
• FHA, VA, and WDI Inspections

How to Know When You Need Termite Control

Termites are not always easy to detect. They may live in your home for quite a while before you notice any suspicious activity. Rather than waiting for significant damage to occur before you can recognize the warning signs of termites, use the following tips to catch on the issue early. Calling in assistance from our termite control experts quickly will help you keep their impact to a minimum.

• Your wood flooring develops blisters that look similar to water damage
• Your wooden walls sound empty and hollowed out
• You discover mud tubes (or pencil-sized bridges made of soil and debris) around the base of your house
• There are mounds of termite droppings which look like sawdust pellets around your property
• You notice piles of small insect wings on windowsills and other surfaces or collected in spider webs

Why Choose Us?

• Over 40 years of experience
• First company in the State of CT to use Termidor
• Referral discounts available
• Free estimates
• Family-owned business

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