Rat Identification

Rats are a serious pest concern. These rodents are common to mice but are much larger, both in length and weight. Their bulky bodies are typically the giveaway. Depending on the type of rat, colors may be brown or black. All it takes is accessible food and shelter for rats to decide that your home is a solid place to shack up. 

Even though they are most active at night, rats leave behind all sorts of evidence of their presence that is very visible during the day. They leave behind a lot of droppings, for one. Gnawing, rubbing, scurrying, and scratching are also visual and audible warning signs. Any signs of rat activity should be taken seriously, and it would be in your best interest to call a professional before a full infestation occurs.

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Rats are a health hazard, so their presence shouldn’t be taken lightly. Without proper extermination, one or two rats can soon turn into a full colony. Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. can help, no matter how bad the situation is. Call now for affordable, reliable pest control services.

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