Bumblebee Identification 

When most people think about bees, they think about bumblebees. These are yellow and black bees that look fuzzy. They are quite social and live in hives that can vary between 50 and 500 inhabitants. Sometimes they are mistaken for carpenter bees that bear a similar appearance. 

Bumblebees are necessary to the environment, as they are the primary pollinating insect. While it is important that they are protected, they can be harmful or outright dangerous. Those who are allergic to bees only need to be stung once to experience strong, unpleasant, and potentially deadly reactions.

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If you have a hive of any size that is too close to your home, we understand that you want it removed for the safety of your family and other occupants. Family Pest Control of Connecticut Inc. has you covered.

During our inspection, we’ll review your property to see if there are any other hives in the area that may cause you additional problems and remove those, too. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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